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Football: CIF-SDS Playoff Breakdown (11/7/17)

Utah-commit Jack Tuttle of Mission Hills of San Marcos. Photo/Patrick Takkinen.



Isaac Taylor-Stuart of Helix of La Mesa. Photo/Patrick Takkinen.

PLAYOFF DATES: Quarterfinals on Nov. 17, Semifinals on Nov. 24 and Finals on Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. at Southwestern College.

SEEDED TEAMS: 1. Mission Hills of San Marcos; 2. Helix of La Mesa; 3. St. Augustine of San Diego; and 4. La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad.

SLEEPER: Torrey Pines of San Diego. The Falcons could have had one of the four top seeds, but lost by six to La Costa Canyon in the regular-season finale. Expect RB Mac Bingham to lead Torrey Pines to some revenge against the Mavericks in the quarterfinals. Torrey Pines vs. Mission Hills in the semifinals, perhaps the Falcons will get some more revenge?

SEMIFINALS: Mission Hills over Torrey Pines and Helix over St. Augustine.

FINALS: Helix over Mission Hills.

NOTES: Everybody wants to see Mission Hills and Helix in the finals, but there are two teams that could be spoilers in the semifinals. Torrey Pines was two points away from beating the Grizzlies. Either the Falcons can pull it off or Mission Hills will win via beatdown. Meanwhile, St. Augustine could very well take down Helix, but they did lose 35-7 to the Scotties, so it is unlikely. Utah-committed QB Jack Tuttle of Mission Hills is a stud, but he is going up against San Diego State-commit Rashad Scott and the nation’s top uncommitted defensive back, Isaac Taylor-Stuart, of Helix. Add the DB duo with Carson Baker at QB and I believe Helix can take the Open Division.


Jaden Casey of El Camino of Oceanside. Photo/@Jaden_Casey_7.

PLAYOFF DATES: First Round on Nov. 10, Quarterfinals on Nov. 17, Semifinals on Nov. 24 and Finals on Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. at Southwestern College.

SEEDED TEAMS: 1. El Camino of Oceanside; 2. Eastlake of Chula Vista; 3. Carlsbad; 4. Point Loma of San Diego

SLEEPER: Point Loma. How are the Pointers the four seed? Point Loma should handle an Oceanside team that has seen better days, but El Camino loves to pass with QB Jaden Casey. Point Loma can stop the pass and head to the finals and if you read the predictions below, they will win the D-I title.

SEMIFINALS: Point Loma over El Camino and Carlsbad over Eastlake.

FINALS: Point Loma over Carlsbad.

NOTES: The strength of the Avocado League will show itself in the quarterfinals with three of its teams, which finished in the lower half of the league standings, heading to the quarterfinals, but only Carlsbad should advance to the finals. Rancho Bernardo is kind of what Bishop Amat was this season, a slow start followed by a strong finish. The Broncos should head to the quarterfinals before running into Eastlake. Point Loma’s strong showing in the Western League should be beneficial in the postseason and the Pointers should handle Carlsbad, which gets to the finals after being battle-tested in the Avocado League.


Utah-commit Kenyon Sims of Lincoln of San Diego. Photo/Eric Ramos.

PLAYOFF DATES: First Round on Nov. 10, Quarterfinals on Nov. 17, Semifinals on Nov. 24 and Finals on Dec. 2 at 3:30 p.m. at Southwestern College.

SEEDED TEAMS: 1. Ramona of Ramona; 2. Bishop’s of La Jolla; 3. Valley Center; and 4. Otay Ranch of Chula Vista.

SLEEPER: Lincoln of San Diego. How this team missed out on a top seed is beyond me. Utah-committed RB Kenyon Sims has been a beast this season and should lead the Hornets past Otay Ranch in the quarterfinals. Lincoln should keep the ball rolling and get past top-seeded Ramona and head to the finals. Bishop’s could be a tough matchup, but maybe two big wins prior to the finals could be a boost of confidence.

SEMIFINALS: Lincoln over Ramona and Bishop’s over Valley Center.

FINALS: Bishop’s over Lincoln.

NOTES: Although Ramona has the top seed and a bye in the first round, the Bulldogs could run into a pair of Eastern League powers. They may meet up with Christian of El Cajon. Stopping QB Brad Jeremiah is going to be a tough task, but the Bulldogs will prevail. That matchup will probably tire them when it’s time to take on Lincoln. Granite Hills might seek revenge in the quarterfinals against Valley Center, but it will be deja vu all over again with another Jaguars win. Sadly for Valley Center, it runs into Bishop’s, which will take care of them and the Hornets to take the D-II title.


Joe Burich of Santa Fe Christian of Solana Beach. Photo/Santa Fe Christian Athletics.

PLAYOFF DATES: First Round on Nov. 10, Quarterfinals on Nov. 17, Semifinals on Nov. 24 and Finals on Dec. 2 at 12 p.m. at Southwestern College.

SEEDED TEAMS: 1. Southwest of El Centro; 2. Santa Fe Christian of Solana Beach; 3. San Pasqual of Escondido; and 4. Hilltop of Chula Vista.

SLEEPER: Santa Fe Christian. In a division where they got the rankings right, the No. 2 seed will prove it should have been No. 1. The only reason why the Eagles aren’t the top seed is because they finished in second place to Bishop’s in the Coastal League. Santa Fe Christian should cruise in this bracket.

SEMIFINALS: Southwest over Hilltop and Santa Fe Christian over San Pasqual.

FINALS: Santa Fe Christian over Southwest.

NOTES: This bracket will be pretty predictable with the exception of Mount Miguel of Spring Valley over Escondido. All top four seeds will head to the semifinals and both the top will seeds meet in the finals. Despite a strong Southwest defense, Santa Fe Christian will prevail and win the battle of the Eagles … and Division III.


Gunnar Gray of University City of San Diego. Photo/University City Athletics.

PLAYOFF DATES: First Round on Nov. 10, Quarterfinals on Nov. 17, Semifinals on Nov. 24 and Finals on Dec. 1 at 3:30 p.m. at Southwestern College.

SEEDED TEAMS: 1. University City of San Diego; 2. San Diego; 3. Central of El Centro; 4. Monte Vista of Spring Valley

SLEEPER: Chula Vista. The Spartans should make a nice run to the semifinals where they will meet University City. Chula Vista should have momentum if they beat Monte Vista, but the Centurions are a tough bunch. Still, this won’t be a bad run at all for Chula Vista.

SEMIFINALS: University City over Chula Vista and San Diego over Central.

FINALS: University City over San Diego.

NOTES: University City has a solid defense to go with its offense, led by sophomore QB Gunnar Gray. The Centurions should cruise to the finals. A battle with San Diego could happen, but the Cavers won’t have enough to stay with Uni City. Centurions for the D-IV title.


Hunter Joseph of Montgomery of San Diego. Photo/

SEEDED TEAMS: 1. Vincent Memorial of Calexico; 2. Crawford of San Diego; 3. Montgomery of San Diego; and 4. Classical Academy of Escondido.

SLEEPER: Montgomery. The Aztecs should make a run to the finals after getting past second-seeded Crawford. It will be tough to get by Vincent Memorial. Maybe, some momentum from the semifinals will do the trick.

SEMIFINALS: Vincent Memorial over Maranatha Christian of San Diego and Montgomery over Crawford.

FINALS: Montgomery over Vincent Memorial.

NOTES: Vincent Memorial will get a surprise from No. 3 seed Montgomery in the finals. That’s, of course, if they get by Crawford, which I am predicting will happen and it will be that win that could give the Aztecs the boost in the finals over the top seeded team in Division V, a Division which Montgomery will be victorious at.

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