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Girls Basketball: Player of the Week

Austyn Masuno of Oxford Academy. Photo/David Clifton.

Austyn Masuno of Oxford Academy. Photo/David Clifton.

Austyn Masuno is only a freshman, but the 6-0 center has become a force to reckoned with in leading Oxford Academy to a 16-3 record.

She had 21 points, 17 rebounds, three blocks and four steals in a 63-33 win over St. Margaret’s last week to earn OC Sidelines Player of the Week honors.

“Austyn makes a lot of things easier,” sophomore teammate Sophia Chen said. “Her inside game opens up our outside game. She intimidates the opponents in the paint.”

Masuno’s play has Oxford Academy on the bubble of The OC Sidelines Top 20.

“Austyn brings a whole new dimension to the team,” Patriots coach David Clifton said. “Her athletic ability, her knowledge of the game, her desire and will to win. Austyn is in a group of three talented freshmen (Mylee Madrazo and Angie Gagnon) that have joined forces with Sophmore Captain Sophia Chan and Junior Jocelyn Lopez to form a very formidable starting five. We are fortunate not to just have Austyn, but this entire group as well including what we call ” The Second Wave”. The work ethic of all ten girls has led to our success thus far this season.”


Name: Austyn Masuno

High School: Oxford Academy

Graduation Year: 2019

Height: 6-0

Position: Center

Nickname: The Beast

Twitter: None

Stats: 20.1 PPG, 13 RPG

Most memorable moment in athletic career: My first high school game, because it was a really different experience that I had to get accustomed to.

Funniest/strangest thing you ever witnessed on the court: A girl scored a basket in the opposing team’s basket to start off the game and they continued to play on wrong sides for almost the entire first quarter.

Opposing player you respect the most: I respect Charity Masuno a lot because being my older sister, I grew up playing alongside her and she always pushed me to do my best.

Masuno_collageWho is the most underrated player on your team and why: Debrah Graver because she has completely changed her game from the beginning of summer. She grabs all the rebounds and makes nice moves when she gets the chance to get in the game.

Favorite coach: My favorite coach is my dad, Chris Masuno, because he’s been coaching me ever since I was little and was the one who first taught me that I could do whatever I put my mind to.

Favorite teacher: Mr. Rylaarsdam, because he teaches really well without boring me. He’s super funny!

Favorite movie ever: The Fab Five basketball documentary, because it’s really inspirational and it shows how teamwork can achieve the impossible.

Favorite TV show: Shark Tank, because I get to learn a lot more about business industry and it’s entertaining.

Favorite song: Water Under the Bridge by Adele, because it’s catchy and Adele has the voice of an angel.

Any final pearls of wisdom: You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. You have to take advantage of every opportunity you come across.

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