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Inside The Dugout: Athletics-Mercado’s Jaelynn Eaves

Jaelynn Eaves of Athletics-Mercado/Greg. Photo/Athletics-Mercado.

After losing in the second round of the winner’s bracket at the PGF 14U Premier Nationals this past summer, Athletics-Mercado/Greg needed someone to step up if it wanted to stay alive.

Jaelynn Eaves was that someone for the Athletics, batting .650 and belting three home runs to help her squad finish tied for fifth place at the PGF Nationals.

“This kid has an extremely bright future in front of her,” Athletics-Mercado/Greg coach Greg Borzilleri said. “In addition to her huge bat that gets everyone’s attention, Jaelynn is one of the top 2022 corners in the country as well. Jaelynn’s ability to dominate teams and take over entire tournaments is something that you rarely see in a player at this age. She has done it with regularity. This one has the potential to be as special as they come.”

Eaves is sure to make an immediate impact for Murrieta Mesa High in her freshman season.

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Jaelynn Eaves of Athletics-Mercado/Greg. Photo/Athletics-Mercado.

Name: Jaelynn Eaves

High School: Murrieta Mesa High of Murrieta, CA

Club Team: Athletics-Mercado/Greg 14U

Graduation Year: 2022

Height, Weight: 5-3, 150

Position: 3B/P

Nickname: J

Twitter: n/a

Athletics-Mercado/Greg players checking out a game at the 2018 PGF Nationals. Photo/Athletics-Mercado.

Travel Ball Highlights: Third place at Boulder IDT, fifth place PGF 14U Premier Nationals, PGF Nationals All-Tournament Team, .467 batting average with 18 home runs and 100 RBI for the summer season and batted .650 with three homers at PGF Nationals.

What have you learned about yourself in the past year? I’ve learned that I really care about my teammates.

Who is the most underrated player on your team? I would have to say (C/OF) Riley Potter, because she’s a hard worker, a great teammate and the youngest player on the team.

What is something you have faced in your life that has helped you become the person that you are today? Well, I’m 14 and I really haven’t faced anything really hard in life yet but I would have to say my family and teammates! My parents being on me to do good in school and be a good person and my teammates pushing me to work harder and get better.

Jaelynn Eaves of Athletics-Mercado/Greg. Photo/Athletics-Mercado.

What’s something that people would be surprised to learn about you? I think they would be surprised to learn that I really don’t like to practice, but I really, really love to compete.

If you could have dinner with four people dead or alive, who would it be? Billie Eilish, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.

What are you looking for in a college? I’m looking for a college that has great program in kinesiology and makes me feel comfortable and safe. Also looking for great teammates I can compete with and that will push me to get better.

What do coaches say they like most about you and your game? I think they like most about me is that I am a hard worker, I’m a good teammate and I mash.

What’s been the highlight of your athletic career so far? I would have to say hitting two home runs back-to-back off Corona Angels-Tyson 03’s No. 1 pitcher.

What’s the scariest thing in the world? Dying.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? There’s always gonna be someone out there working harder than you trying to get better.

Favorite (ex) pro athlete: Jenna Lilley.

Favorite Movie: “The Notebook.”

Favorite song/artist: “Hostage” by Billie Eilish.

Favorite TV show: “Vampire Diaries.”

Favorite motto/philosophy on life: Life will always throw curves, just keep fouling them off. The right pitch will come, and when it does, be prepared to run the bases.

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