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Adrease Jackson, Class of  2017 at Tesoro, averaged 18 points per game as a sophomore.

Adrease Jackson, Class of 2017 at Tesoro, averaged 18 points per game as a sophomore.

Any Cinderella run in the playoffs is going to require some significant contributions. You don’t win by yourself. But for Tesoro and it’s journey to the Southern Section Division 2AA semifinals, it got the significant contribution it needed from sophomore Adrease Jackson.

The Titans were powered by an impressive performance from Jackson, as well as a supporting featuring Nick Pallas and Devon Modster. Seeded eighth, they won on the road at No. 9 Santa Clarita West Ranch, and then beat top-seeded Thousand Oaks in a home game.

Jackson scored 32 points and pulled down 10 rebounds in the 87-74 win over West Ranch, and had 29 points and 12 rebounds in the 67-62 shocker against Thousand Oaks.

For his effort, Jackson is the OC Sidelines Player of the Week.

On the season, the sophomore forward has averaged 18 points, 9 rebounds and 1.4 blocks.

OC Sidelines Player of the Week Q&A 

Name: Adrease Jackson

High school: Tesoro

Grade: 10th

Height: 6-6

Nickname: The Dog

Twitter: N/A

Favorite College: UCLA … I love the campus and the basketball program and the history with all the great coaches,  alumni players and of course the Pauley Pavilion.

Favorite pro team: Clippers. … I love their inside-outside game and I like the attack mode and nonstop crazy energy of Blake Griffiin.

What was your most memorable moment in the athletic arena?

AJ: The most memorable moment was my game play in the Santa Margarita Holiday tournament last Christmas. I was fired up for the tournament and my dunk against Santa Margarita. Also, I have to say I was pretty fired up for our recent playoffs and pushed really hard to bring a lot of energy and stayed focused and in attack mode.

What was the weirdest/funniest/strangest thing you’ve ever seen during a game or practice?

AJ: My teammate Stephen Melanson tripping over the baseline in practice. Don’t know what exactly happened or how it happened but it was hilarious.

What was your defining moment, when you realized this was your calling?

AJ: In eighth grade  with my club team Player Development (PD) with coach Josh Parks. We went to a tournament at UC Santa Barbara. We made it to the finals and we all played extremely hard against some really good teams and had a great time. I realized then that this was my passion.

What’s something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

AJ: Nothing much. I am a simple everyday kid. My parents teach myself and my younger brother to always be respectful and humble.

What song gets you pumped up before games?

AJ: “U Don’t Know” by Jay Z. I love the beats and the message.

What’s the most embarrassing song on your phone/iPod?

AJ: I don’t have any.

What’s the best movie of all-time?

AJ: Like Mike.

What’s your favorite book?

AJ: Travel Team by Mike Lupica.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

AJ: My Dad. He puts in a lot of time with me in training and workouts and going over film. We have good conversations before and after the game and just learning the whole psychology of the game and 101. He has taught me good fundamentals, a work ethic to go hard and focus. Our favorite motto is “work hard and good things will come.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

AJ: I haven’t thought that far. I am focused on short-term goals. I want to continue to work hard and enjoy my high school career. Attack and kick butt as much as possible on the court, excel academically, graduate and move to my next big adventure.

Any final pearls of wisdom?

AJ: My Dad always says we like to keep things simple. “Put the time in, work hard and good things will come.” He says that applies to everything in life, academics and athletics, family and work, and life.

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